Saturday, April 16, 2011


The account below was sent directly to me by Fr. Andrew. I have not edited it in any way so as to give you Father's account from his own lips. This is a very serious situation that demands our prayers for these poor people. That they have fled to one of our churches for refuge makes it very personal for me. I hope that you will take it personally too, as these fanatics are persecuting Christ Himself by attacking His Body, the Church.

Blasphemy case in Gujranwala- Mushtaq Gill & son arrested
Gujranwala: April 16, 2011, (PCTV Newsdesk)

Illustration: Church of the Holy Apostles

Farrukh Mushtaq Gill and his father Mushtaq Gill, have been arrested
for Blasphemy friday evening from their residence in Gujaranwala.
Farrukh is being charged with burning a Quran. The father of the
accused Mushtaq Gill, is an Elder of Presbyterian Church and a teacher
at the Christian Technical Training Center in Guranjawala. Farrukh is
employed at National Bank of Pakistan. This incident reports back to
2-3 months ago when someone charged Farrukh with desecrating the Quran
however the Police did not proceed with the case. Yesterday in a
preplanned move a mob consisting of several clerics and locals
pressured the police to arrest both the father and the son, seeing the
present situation the police had no other option but to arrest the two
men to control and please the mob, Police then assigned several
officers in front of Gill's residence and on the roof-top as well to
avoid any attacks. Christians residing in Gulzar Colony had moved to
their relatives or friends houses in fear of being targeted by angry
My brothers -in-law with their family members have come to us.
Please pray for the safety of Christians lives and their belongings and houses.
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Fr. Andrew
*The Archdeacon Fr. Mushtaq Andrew
Diocese of Lahore
Church of Pakistan CIPBC
2 Province of Anglican Catholic Church*


The Underground Pewster said...

Prayers ascending.

Fr. John said...

Many thanks. Prayers are most important. Pray without ceasing.