Friday, October 15, 2010


Well, it is official now, nearly three weeks after the story concerning the mass burning of Bibles in Iran, not as a protest, but of Bibles stolen from their rightful owners, (see previous post below)appeared on this blog, and even longer after the Christian group in Iran released it, presumably at great risk to themselves, there has been no outrage of any sort. In fact not even a teensy little complaint from any official organ of church or state.

One may draw several conclusions from this lack of concern and studied indifference, but I think that it is a mix of indifference and fear. Indifference to any insult or attack on Christianity, and fear of becoming a target of "radical" Muslims who are anything but indifferent and apparently utterly fearless in spite of the U.S. and Western powers assertion that they are "cowards."

To paraphrase a popular saying, "sometimes history is made by those who just blow up." If they want it more than we do, they win.


Matt Nelson said...

The double standard, though appalling, is something I simply take as read. Nevertheless, it is important for someone to take the effort to make the record. So, thank you for blog, kind presbyter.

Fr. John said...


Your comment says it all. God is stuck with servants like me.

Wouldn't it be great if he had servants like the Jihadis?

Matt Nelson said...

For now, I think that the wisest course is comprised of various "holding actions" spotted across what was formerly Christendom, to sustain and edify the remnant and to have something, however meager, for our civilization should it decided against suicide at the last moment. I suppose I echo T.S. Elliot in this regard.