Saturday, June 05, 2010

Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You

The political agenda of the liberals, progressives, Marxists, Trotskyists, or whatever they choose to call themselves this year is clearly one supported by TEC, in fact one could say that organization is on the cutting edge of the social revolution that had its origins in Marxism.

The United Kingdom is light years ahead of us in progressive laws as the tape at the bottom of this posting demonstrates. This is what TEC wants for the U.S., swift arrest for anyone who disagrees with them on the issue of Christian teaching on the correct use of our sexuality. Other public utterances also call for arrest, so be careful what you say to someone, even in a private exchange, when in the UK. The two ministers in this tape are not in your face or belligerent at all, the offending remark was made privately by one of the two in answer to a private query from one of the listeners, someone overheard the remark and called the police. Click on the You Tube url below for a glimpse of things to come.

Many on the left, even so-called moderates, favor these types of laws for the U.S.

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Fr. David said...

Send in the clowns.